Wireless Auto Power Trip during Gas Leakage

This project aims to reduce the fire accidents that are takes place due to gas leakage in the presence electricity. In this project gas sensor monitors the gas leakage which gives the input to microcontroller when it senses the gas leak. Then the microcontroller activates the tripping mechanism to shutdown the power supply. RF module used in this project to transfer the information remotely to the alarm circuit and tripping circuit.


It’s a known fact that LPG leakage during domestic usage is a disaster, especially when we switch on any electric switch or appliances because it may produce a spark which causes sudden loud explosion of
the gas filled room. In our nation there is an increase in such accidents and casualties related to it in the recent times. Our main idea is to implement security system for detecting leakage of gas in closed environment using sensors. Once the gas leakage is detected depending on the level of gas immediately the wireless systems will trip of the power supply so as to avoid explosion.

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