Internet of Things for Smart Classrooms

This project uses internet of things for smart classrooms where the time of students and the teacher g were reduced in maintaining the queues and listening to the instructions.


Much of the time is wasted while entering the classroom in queue, picking up their own materials, sit up and down while answering to questions and it makes very much difficult for teachers to handle huge number of students without any technology. On an average, an American student spends about 1025 hours each year just for following instructions given to him/her. Connected devices and emerging trending technologies will help teachers to focus on student’s learning needs rather than wasting time for managing large group procedures because of which they cannot give enough time for developing some extra qualities in students. Connected devices would definitely help teachers to transform classroom experience. This paper consists of some practical scenarios of about how I.O.T can be implemented for a
better classroom experience and how teachers can focus on student’s skills and which will help to save the time of both.

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