E- Health Care Computing for better Health Monitoring

This project shows an automatic health care system for monitoring the health of the patients. This system uses some wearable sensors and portable wireless devices. Condition of the patient is transmitted to the doctor and related people using GSM or Bluetooth.


E-Health care system vision as an important application of computing to save lives and improper health
care quality. health care system helps to monitor body condition in emergency situations. By using some wearable sensors and portable wireless device can monitor health status and automatically forward them to patient to doctor and related people. We also can use mobile phones for this purpose. Mobile phones not only used for communications purpose but also for other applications like health care monitoring by
using some BSN(Body Sensor Network). BSN helps to collect personal health information (PHI) like heartbeat, blood sugar level, blood pressure and temperature also. If condition is abnormal then it will be automatically transmitted to doctor by using GSM or Bluetooth. Suppose doctors are unable to
notice patient health status. BSN will help to transmit exact body condition. After receiving abnormal data from patient to doctor , appropriate treatment can be made. In emergency situation ambulance will also provide to users. Security of patient information is also important while using this app. The
mutual authentication between patients and hospitals provide security about communication of patient and doctors, the location privacy of patients and also access control of patients medical record.

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